Cowboy Take Me Away (Texas Kings, #2)

Cowboy Take Me Away (Texas Kings, #2)

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The King brothers are three of the wealthiest, most hard-riding heartbreakers in the great state of Texas. And it takes a rare breed of woman to lasso one of their hearts...


As a veterinarian and single mother, Hope Walker knows how to handle most emergencies, inside and out. But when she shows up at the sprawling cattle ranch belonging to Chase King. Hope finds herself in a state of panic: How could Chase be even hotter after all these years? And why does Hope feel more attracted to him than ever?


Chase can't believe that Hope - the gorgeous, brilliant woman who disappeared after one blazing night of passion - has walked back into his life. After all this time he still thinks of her as the one who got away . . . and he's not about to lose her now. But is Hope ready to get back in the saddle and ride into the sunset with the cowboy of her dreams? Or will a long-buried secret rise to the surface - and tear the two reunited lovers apart?

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Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1250060095

ISBN 13: 9781250060099

Publication Date: December 29, 2015

Format: PDF, Audiobook, Epub, Kindle, Docx, Mass Market Paperback

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